I am Jessica – but you can call me Jess.

I am a mom of 2 little (or not so little anymore!) boys – Asher and Cason - they are a big part of my inspiration.

My husband is the tech brains of our little business - He’s pretty awesome.

I come from a family of artists and musicians so being creative is in the blood and is a passion of mine.

I love being outside – it breaths life into my soul.

I also am a lover of all things coffee, animals, travel, and coffee again.

I am a natural light photographer and I specialize in Family, Newborn, Senior, and all of the special milestones in between.

I have been following my passion for photography for several years now. Being a mother myself, I have come to truly appreciate real moments. The photos I appreciate the most of my own family show us being US – laughing, giggling, loving. That is my goal with my clients. I want you to feel comfortable to be yourselves so that you have a gallery that captures your family’s unique chemistry and love for one another. I am absolutely honored to be chosen to capture moments that will not only become memories for you but will be passed down for generations – WOW! I am not one to overly pose or produce stiff images. I love movement, laughter, tickles, embraces and romance. As you look through my portfolio, I hope you see the emotion and feel the love that each client experienced in that moment.

Although I am serious about photography and hold myself up to the highest of standards, I am not a serious person. I have been a mom of littles for 8 years, am the oldest of 3 siblings and of many cousins, and worked in childcare for 4 years. I can be a total goof – expect lots of songs, animals sounds, dancing, and games.

I love meeting new people but I also love that so many of my clients have been with me for years. I have had the opportunity to watch their precious babies grow and develop their own unique personalities. I get to keep up on favorite princesses and super heroes, songs and friends. I make it a point to become more than just a camera pointed at them but rather a person who genuinely cares for each one of them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or to learn more about me. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and to offer an easy and memorable experience to you and your family.

Thank you for considering me!

- Jessica

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